Pronamel Overview: helps protect against the effects of enamel loss and erosive tooth wear

Pronamel range

Especially designed to help protect against the effects of erosive tooth wear1–6

Pronamel has a fluoride-optimised technology that strengthens and protects teeth against the effects of erosive tooth wear to help keep teeth in their prime.

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Act early to help protect your patients’ enamel against erosive tooth wear

Image of early signs of erosive tooth wear

Up to 1 in 3 young adults in Europe show signs of erosive tooth wear,7 which is strongly linked to frequent and protracted acid challenges.8,9

Image of early signs of erosive tooth wear

Erosive tooth wear: science behind Pronamel

Pronamel toothpastes have optimised formulations that deliver more fluoride into the enamel surface.*10,11

*vs a non-optimised toothpaste in laboratory studies

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Benefits of Pronamel for protecting from erosive tooth wear

Pronamel toothpaste helps more fluoride penetrate deep into weakened enamel surfaces* to promote remineralisation and protect against demineralisation.

*vs a non-optimised toothpaste in laboratory studies

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Steps for erosive tooth wear protection and good oral health

You can help your patients strengthen and reharden their enamel with a simple regime that includes Pronamel.10-13

  • 1. Minimise exposure

    Number 1 with minimise exposure to acids text and an orange segment icon

    Minimise exposure to acids

    • Minimise acid challenges per day (less than 4)14,15
    • Avoid holding acidic drinks in the mouth12,13
  • 2. Brush teeth

    Number 2 with text brush teeth with appropriate technique and timing with toothbrush and toothpaste icon

    Brush teeth with appropriate technique and timing

    • Avoid brushing immediately after consuming acidic food and drink12
    • Brush gently but thoroughly with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • 3. Include interdental cleaning

    Number 3 with the text Include interdental cleaning and a flossing icon

    Recommend interdental cleaning as part of oral health regimen16

  • 4. Use specialist toothpaste

    Number 4 with text use a specialist fluoride toothpaste with a toothpaste icon

    Use a specialist fluoride toothpaste twice daily

    • Use a daily toothpaste with an optimised formulation, like Pronamel*10,11

    *vs. a non-optimised fluoride toothpaste

Protecting enamel against the effects of erosive tooth wear

Pronamel MoA video screenshot

Formulas that are fluoride optimised

Pronamel Daily Protection

This formulation of Pronamel toothpaste helps to enhance fluoride penetration to enamel surfaces to promote remineralisation.2,10

Discover Sensodyne Pronamel

Sensodyne Pronamel Toothpaste Range shot

Pronamel Toothpaste

For daily protection against dietary acids.*1,2

*with twice daily brushing

Sensodyne Pronamel Extra fresh and Gentle whitening

Sensodyne Pronamel

Also available in Extra Fresh that freshens breath with a unique flavor16,17, and Gentle Whitening.

*With twice-daily brushing

Sensodyne Pronamel Active Enamel Shield toothpaste

Sensodyne Pronamel Active Enamel Shield toothpaste

Developed for defence against cavities and erosive tooth wear by remineralising weakened enamel. Builds 2x the acid resistance from Day 1 against dietary acids.*

*vs the mouth’s natural defenses

Pronamel toothpastes – helping protect your patients against erosive tooth wear

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