Webinar "How Do We Perceive Pain?"

A patient's perception of pain comes from many different factors ranging from signaling systems, modulation from higher centers, and the individual's unique perception. She discusses the role of depression and anxiety in the exacerbation of pain perception. Dr. Sarah Jarvis explains that ultimately pain is subjective. She mentions that there are many different types of pain: nociceptive, neuropathic, inflammatory, visceral, acute and chronic cancer, and non-cancer related pain, which all have individual factors. Also, Dr. Jarvis explores where the word pain comes from, and discusses the differences between chronic and acute pain, which are also important to decipher. How the patient feels pain and its impact on their lives is multifactorial; acute and chronic pain complicate matters further still. As you work with your patients, it is important to understand how their pain impacts their lives, so you can best support them on this journey.

Event Date : Feb 2021

Duration : 9:17 Minutes

Presenter Name: Dr. Sarah Jarvis