GSK Webinar: Oral Health Foundation – Guidelines for the Use of Denture Adhesive

In this webinar you will gain more insight into the Denture Adhesive White Paper, taking a critical look at the efficacy of the denture provided and the impact this has on the quality of life for denture wearers. The white paper, sponsored by GSK in partnership with the Oral Health Foundation, involved a global expert panel of professionals who discuss denture care related topics in reflection of their areas of expertise. Topics include edentulism and its impacts, the purpose of well-fitting dentures, to the impact of age on denture care in a quality-of-life aspect.

The webinar features:

Professor David Felton

This presentation focuses on the treatment of dentures for edentulous patients and suggests how adhesives can be used in conjunction with a well-fitting denture to help provide a positive experience.

Professor Angus Walls

This presentation discusses whether full dentures are a substitute for natural teeth, using scientific evidence to consider how denture adhesives can be used to improve oral related quality of life

Dr. Guy Goffin

This presentation outlines the optimal use of denture adhesives, and how dental professionals can offer advice to help achieve a positive experience for their patients.

Watch the webinar to learn more about the challenges and opportunities associated with denture adhesives for your patients.

Event Date: April 2018

Duration: 53 Minutes


  1. Dr. Nigel Carter, CEO Oral Health Foundation
  2. Professor David A. Felton, DDS, MS-UMMC School of Dentistry
  3. Professor Angus Walls, Edinburgh Dental Institute
  4. Dr. Guy Goffin, King’s College London Dental Institute