Manual Toothbrush: Patient Education Brochure

3 Manual toothbrushes

Help Patients Decide Which Manual Toothbrush is Right for Them

This document is a guide to the range of specialized toothbrushes designed by experts. Share this with your patients who are deciding what kind of toothbrush is right for them and their oral care needs.

The document includes information regarding:

  1. The importance of effective daily toothbrushing
  2. How to brush effectively
  3. Choosing the right toothbrush for specific oral health needs
  4. Comparisons between these 3 toothbrushes and what they are designed for:
  • Sensodyne Sensitive Care toothbrush
  • Pronamel Enamel Protection toothbrush
  • parodontax Complete Protection toothbrush

The range of specialized toothbrushes from GSK are sold in packs of 2 to make it easier for your patient to change their brush regularly. You and your patient can find out more about which toothbrush is designed for sensitive teeth, enamel protection, or gum health. With the help of this patient education brochure you can guide your patient to a toothbrush that has optimized features for their specific oral health needs.


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