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With a presence in over 80 countries, paracetamol in Panadol is one of the world’s most trusted pain relievers.1,2

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Paracetamol chemical structure


Globally, paracetamol or acetaminophen is one of the most used analgesic and antipyretic over-the-counter drugs.3

Paracetamol + caffeine chemical structure

Multi-component paracetamol preparations

Paracetamol is currently formulated as a single compound or as an active ingredient of multi-component preparations in combination with active ingredients1 to provide relief from fever and different types of pain (e.g. muscular and joint pains, headaches and migraines, and dysmenorrhoea).

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Can be taken on an empty stomach

Paracetamol does not compromise the stomach’s protective lining and can be taken even on an empty stomach or by those at risk of stomach ulcers.4,5*

*when used as directed

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The Panadol range includes products with innovative technology for faster disintegration and absorption5,8 and, in combination with other ingredients such as caffeine to effectively handle tough pains.10-15

Panadol offers a range of solutions for individual patient needs

Panadol Plain Packshot

Panadol Tablets

Helps fight everyday pains and for relieving fever.

Panadol Extra pack shot

Panadol Extra

Dual “active” formulation that fights tough pains.10-14

Panadol Children’s range

Panadol for children

Panadol for children contains paracetamol, which is recommended as first-line treatment for fever and mild-to-moderate pain in children.17-19

Panadol Extend pack shot

Panadol Extend

Immediate and controlled paracetamol release for extended pain relief for up ro 8 hours.20,21

Always follow the label prior to use

Panadol in practice

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Systematic Review

Efficacy & safety of Acetaminophen and Caffeine for the management of acute dental pain.

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Child with fever


Fever is a common sign and symptom observed in a variety of clinical settings.25 Discover more about fever in adults and children including how to assess fever, “red flag” symptoms and its management.

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Headache disorders

Headache disorders, characterised by recurrent episode of headaches, are one of the most common disorders of the nervous system and, can be painful and disabling to sufferers.26 Find out more about tension-type headaches and migraines, “red flag” symptoms and how to manage them.

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