Denture Adhesives: Polident Adhesive Science and Technology

Graph: bite force scale with and without denture adhesive

Clinically proven improved hold for up to 12 hours in well-fitting dentures*

Denture movement is one of the most common concerns of patients with dentures.1 The multiple polymer technology of Polident denture adhesives is activated on contact with saliva for rapid and long-lasting adhesion. The polymers hydrate and swell to increase the contact area between the denture and the supporting surfaces for improved retention.*

Your recommendation of Polident adhesive can offer patients:

  • Clinically proven improvement in bite force*2
  • Significant reduction in perceived denture movement*2

*vs no adhesive.

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Food entrapment images with and without Polident adhesive

Polident helps reduce food entrapment*2

Polident denture adhesive helps seal the area between the denture base and mucosal surface to prevent food particles getting trapped.

Images from an in-vitro study evaluating particle entrapment under maxillary full dentures. Yellow polyethelene microspheres are equivalent to poppy seed size.2

*vs no adhesive

Pressure relieved on gums by using Polident adhesive

Polident adhesives help improve patient comfort*3

In a clinical study, 87% of patients with newly fitted dentures required adjustment after 1-week wear due to discomfort.4

Using Polident denture adhesive helps reduce pressure on load bearing tissues.

Polident denture adhesives provide a cushioning effect to reduce pressure during mastication by forming a protective gel layer.*

In-vitro visualization method to demonstrate pressure distribution under the fit surface of an upper denture with and without Polident.5

*vs no adhesive

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“…patient ratings showed that denture adhesives may improve the denture wearer’s perceptions in retention, stability, and quality of life…”5

Polident Adhesive Science

White paper on guidelines for the use of denture adhesives

Denture adhesives

A global taskforce convened by the Oral Health Foundation has published guidelines on the use of denture adhesives.

This editorially independent publication recognized the benefits of denture adhesives for patients with dentures:

“Denture adhesives can enhance the retention of, and reduce food accumulation beneath well-fitting complete dentures”

“Denture adhesives can be beneficial to the patient. They may enhance comfort, provide psychological satisfaction, increase confidence and thus wellbeing, while increasing retention and stability, and improving function”

Access the guidelines in full here.

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