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Welcome to Haleon Oral Health, a site dedicated to providing information and support to dental health profressionals. In this site, you will find helpful content covering our range of oral health products including Sensodyne and Polident, as well as general information to help support you in your daily practice.


Haleon has a broad range of specialist, science-based oral health products to help your patients achieve healthier mouths. Learn more online today.


Haleon provides an overview of the causes and mechanisms of common oral health conditions, alongside guidelines for their diagnosis and management.

Sensitivity & Gum

Sensodyne Sensitivity & Gum toothpaste offers your patients relief from dentine hypersensitivity and maintains gum health*. Learn more on Haleon HealthPartner. *With twice-daily brushing.

Sensodyne Rapid Relief

Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste offers your patients fast and effective relief from dentine hypersensitivity. Learn more with Haleon HealthPartner today.