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Oral Health Home

Welcome to Haleon Oral Health, a site dedicated to providing information and support to dental health profressionals. In this site, you will find helpful content covering our range of oral health products including Sensodyne and Polident, as well as general information to help support you in your daily practice.

Denture Overview

Teeth form an intimate part of how we look and feel. An individual’s ability to adapt to their prosthesis, as well as how they care for it, can impact how well a denture performs. Understand how to overcome your patients’ challenges and how Polident can support the work you do. Gain an overview of the latest in denture care to help your patients today at Haleon HealthPartner.

Denture causes

Dentures can restore chewing ability, improve speech, have aesthetic appeal and help maintain oral health — but some patients suffer problems even with well-designed dentures. Find out about the causes of problems denture patients face at Haleon HealthPartner.

Sensodyne Variants Landing page

Sensodyne offers a range of specially formulated products tailored to your patients’ needs. Haleon HealthPartner provides guidance for dental professionals about all products.

Denture Diagnosis

Do some of your patients have trouble with their full or partial dentures? Help minimise poor performance and identify issues with advice from Haleon HealthPartner today.