Denture care: Overview

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Understanding denture care as a professional

Teeth form an intimate part of how we look and feel, and for 12% of Australians who rely on either a full or partial denture, dentures do too.1

Patients face challenges at all stages of the denture journey, and may be required to adapt to a number of different prostheses: partial dentures, immediate dentures following tooth extraction and full dentures.2,3

Each patient’s experience will be different. Individual medical, physical and psychological factors, such as oral anatomy, and how the patient adapts to their prosthesis, can affect how their dentures perform.2–6

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Causes and Mechanisms

Find out more about the factors that can limit denture performance and compromise hygiene

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Impact on patient quality of life

Find out about the impact that dentures have on patients’ daily lives

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Explore an overview of diagnosing issues with denture performance

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Explore an overview of maintaining the performance of dentures

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The Polident range

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Patient & Clinic Resources

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