Dentures: Impact on patient quality of life

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New denture wearers can face a difficult transition1–5

New patients may have unrealistic expectations for their new dentures,1 and the transition from natural teeth can be upsetting.2

The personal impact of dentures

  • Impact on relationships

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    Up to 67% of full denture wearers have denture stomatitis4

  • Trapped food

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    Entrapped food particles can cause pain and irritation.5

    86% found entrapped food to be their most important denture issue.6

Impact of dentures on patients: how the transition to dentures can be upsetting

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    Tooth extraction can be distressing for patients and often results in accelerated bone resorption.2

    32% experienced reduction in bone horizontal dimension ≤3 months after extraction.7

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    Immediate dentures play an important role:

    • Aesthetic, psychological and functional reasons
    • Bandage and protect extraction wounds2
    • Prevent bleeding2

    But the transition can be challenging for patients:

    • Changes in denture fit and comfort2
    • Poor retention1

    Key challenges facing the new denture patient:

    • Discomfort
    • The psychological impact of tooth loss, which increases in impact with the number of teeth lost
    • Accepting that removable dentures do not provide the same functional benefit as natural teeth
    • Reduction in quality of life: avoiding particular foods, difficulty relaxing, avoidance of social situations
  • Up to 30% Infographic

    Up to 30% of natural teeth abutting dentures demonstrated increased mobility.*9

    • Retentive clasps may be unsuitable or lose retention over time13
    • Retention may become more dependent upon the mucosa and muscular control13

    *In a longitudinal study

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    Excessive functional forces on natural teeth may cause further mobility and tooth loss.11,12

Patients brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste should remove the partial denture first.

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