The Science Behind Bi-layer Technology

The bi-layer technology uses two formulations – an immediate release layer on the outside of the caplet that releases 31% of paracetamol rapidly2 and a second underlying layer that delivers the remaining 69% of paracetamol2 for up to 8 hours of pain relief.1

Bi-layer technology

Basics of bi-layer technology

The caplet contains two layers. The top most layer releases paracetamol rapidly whilst the second layer more slowly.1

In one study, 80% of patients found Panadol Extend (with bi-layer technology) to be as effective as celecoxib.3

Discover the Panadol range with bi-layer technology

Panadol Extend pack shot

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With a technology that allows for fast and yet sustained release of paracetamol for extended pain relief of up to 8 hours.1,2

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