Emulgel Benefits

Emulgel penetration

Targets Pain Directly at the Site

The Voltaren EmulGel formulation is an emulgel, a non-greasy formulation that combines a gel and cream for topical application. It is specially designed to penetrate deep through the skin at the site of pain to deliver powerful muscular pain relief.

Voltaren Emulgel

Targets muscular skeletal pain at the site and persists there for long-lasting therapeutic effect.1

  • The Voltaren Emulgel Formulation Matters

    Voltaren® Emulgel penetration over time

    On its own, diclofenac does permeate the skin. However, Voltaren Emulgel is specially designed to aid the entry of diclofenac into and transit through the skin. It delivers diclofenac across the skin faster than a diclofenac solution of the same concentration.*1

    *Comparison of diclofenac transdermal permeation ex vivo from Voltaren Arthritis Pain gel and a solution of diclofenac sodium (wt %, pH 8.1) in water/isopropanol 50/50 wt %).Source: Data on file, GSK 2019. Penetration Study.

  • Voltaren Emulgel Enables the Formation of a Diclofenac Reservoir Within the Skin

    Voltaren® microscopy study

    Voltaren Emulgel facilitates the formation of a diclofenac reservoir within the skin.* The drug stocked in this reservoir releases continuously into the underlying tissue.1

    *Image of diclofenac reservoir formation obtained ex vivo by Raman microscopy at Rutgers University, NJ. Source: Data on file, GSK 2019. Raman Microscopy Study.

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How does Voltaren Emulgel work?

See how effective Voltaren Emulgel is on muscular pain.

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What about adverse events and other risks?

Voltaren Emulgel has an established safety profile that includes NSAID class warnings.

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MOA molecule

How does Voltaren Emulgel relieve pain?

The science behind Voltaren Emulgel and its MOA.

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Drug facts

Voltaren Emulgel Drug Facts

The drug facts contain all you need to know about dosing and administration.

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How does Voltaren Emulgel stack up against other NSAIDS?

Voltaren Emulgel compared to oral and topical analgesics.

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NNT data for Voltaren Emulgel versus other NSAIDs

The lowest number-needed-to-treat (NNT) vs other topical NSAIDs in acute musculoskeletal pain,2

A Cochrane Review comparing topical NSAIDs and placebo showed favourable efficacy for Voltaren Emulgel* vs other treatments. Of all topical NSAIDs tested for treatment of acute musculoskeletal pain, Voltaren Emulgel had the lowest NNT.2‡, with pain relief reported as similar to oral NSAIDs.

This means that for every single patient you treat with Voltaren Emulgel over other topical NSAIDs, you have a better chance of giving them the significant pain relief that helps get them back on their feet and enjoying life again.2

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