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Preventing gum disease at home requires a strict daily routine, but that’s easier said than done. Patients find it difficult to maintain this routine every day, especially when getting to hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

Yet change is possible. So, what makes Parodontax expert gum care toothpaste your ally in making it happen?

parodontax expert gum care toothpaste is a unique formulation containing sodium bicarbonate, optimised at 67% concentration. What does that mean for the gum health of your patients?

The sodium bicarbonate penetrates the plaque matrix, where it disrupts and breaks bonds in the biofilm to loosen plaque. As a result, parodontax expert gum care toothpaste softens the plaque on the tooth surface, making it easier to brush away. This means a four times reduction in plaque build-up in comparison to non-sodium bicarbonate toothpastes*.

What’s more, parodontax expert gum care toothpaste softens plaque in interproximal spaces, reducing five times more plaque build-up than non-sodium bicarbonate toothpastes in those hard-to-reach areas*.

And the effects on gingivitis? There are approximately 2.5 fewer bleeding sites with parodontax expert gum care toothpaste than with non-sodium bicarbonate toothpastes*.

This leads to a meaningful difference that supports you and your patients to take action on gingivitis, helping prevent the progression to periodontitis – all supported by clinical, published data.

*All patients received a professional clean at baseline and followed a twice-daily brushing regime for 6 months

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