Understanding immune system and it's relation to nutrition

Nutrition Health


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Download the PDF and read the content carefully.

The aim of this module is to develop the link between immunity and nutrition, you as community pharmacist can define nutrients needs for healthy lifestyle. Pharmacists play a vital role in nutrition health by explaining to the patients the serious health issues that associated with Micronutrient deficiencies and showing the four- steps care guide to be applied. This educational module will introduce you, as a pharmacist, to different aspects on nutrition health and your role as a pharmacist to help your patients.

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What to do next

Step 1: Download the PDF and read the contents carefully.

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The below questions are designed to assess your level of understanding of this training module. Please complete the below questions which contribute to your CPD allowance.


Questions 1-4 relate to the customer case


Julia is a 52 year old smoker. She started smoking at age 22, but was able to quit, using NRT when she had her child 15 years ago. She had quit for 2 years, but started smoking again when she went back to work. Currently, she smokes 12-15 cigarettes a day –one when she wakes up, one at each meal, one before bed, and the rest intermittently throughout the day. She also has a high stress job, which causes her to occasionally smoke more when there is a stressful situation at work. She scores a 6 on the Fagerströmtest. The main reason Julia now has decided to quit smoking is that she saw a colleague develop lung cancer, and she does not want to be at risk herself. She is also worried about abstaining from smoking after “stressful events” that creep up at work. Other than borderline high cholesterol, she has no other health issues, and manages her high cholesterol with diet and exercise. She takes only a multi-vitamin without beta-carotene on a daily basis as advised by her doctor.

1. Based on the information provided, which OTC product would you normally recommend for Julia?

2. Which dose of nicotine patch should be recommended for Julia?

3. If recommended, which dose of nicotine gum should Julia use for adjunct therapy?

4. If recommended, which dose of nicotine lozenge would be appropriate for Julia’s adjunct therapy needs?

5. What is the proper sequence of using nicotine gum as NRT?

  1. One piece of gum should be chewed until the taste becomes strong
  2. When the taste fades, chewing should commence again
  3. The chewing routine should be repeated for 30 minutes
  4. The medicated gum should be rested between the cheek and gum

6. What is the proper sequence for using nicotine lozenge as NRT?

  1. The medicated lozenge should be rested between the gum and cheek
  2. Suck the lozenge until the taste becomes strong
  3. The sucking routine will be individualised, and should be repeated until the lozenge dissolves (about 30 minutes)
  4. Once the taste fades, suck the lozenge again

7. What is the proper sequence of applying a nicotine patch?

  1. The patch should be applied to the skin with light pressure
  2. Open the sachet containing the patch
  3. The patch should be applied to an area free of lesions and hair
  4. Apply a new patch every 24 hours
  5. During handling, avoid contact with eyes & nose, and wash hands

8. Which of the following is not a symptom of nicotine withdrawal

9. What is the efficacy of NRT methods?

10. Fill in the blanks:

_____% of smokers attempt to quit each year, and only _____% of them are successful per year.

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