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Fever is a common sign and symptom observed in a variety of clinical settings.1

The normal body temperature is about 36.5°C to 38°C, with the typical temperature at 37°C. In a healthy afebrile person, the hypothalamic thermoregulatory centre of the brain regulates body temperature by balancing the heat produced during metabolism and that released through respiration and evaporation.1 However, when this balance is offset due to different reasons, fever sets in.

One common symptom in a variety of conditions2

Understanding fever

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What causes fever?

Learn more about the causes of fever.


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How do they present?

Refresh your knowledge on the signs and symptoms of fever and learn about “red flag” symptoms that indicate a referral to the doctor.

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What can you recommend to your patients for fever?

Find out more about both non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatments for fever in both adults and children.


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Educational Resources

Learning module for pharmacy assistants

A useful tool specifically tailored for pharmacy assistants to treat children’s fever and pain using appropriate over-the-counter products.

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Educational Resources

The resources provided here will give you a deeper understanding of the science behind Haleon’s fever relief products.

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