Dentine hypersensitivity: Overview

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Dentine hypersensitivity

Dentine hypersensitivity is a common and painful condition that causes short, sharp pain for patients. It can arise when the dentine of the teeth becomes exposed to external stimuli (like eating and drinking), and is often prevalent in patients 20-50 years old.1

Though often a conversation with the dentist is all that’s needed, dentine hypersensitivity can be a challenge for patients to describe, making it harder for clinicians to accurately diagnose.6

Research shows that some sufferers do not perceive dentine hypersensitivity as a dental condition like cavities or gum disease. They often think of it as a lifestyle inconvenience. There is an opportunity to address this in the dental office.7

In addition, some sensitivity sufferers are hesitant to try a sensitivity toothpaste as they do not understand the cause of the condition or how a toothpaste works to ease the pain.3

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