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#ListenToPain: Better conversations for better clinical outcomes

Asking patients about their pain experience can sometimes feel like opening Pandora’s Box. Their pain is never just one word. Understanding the person behind the pain will open up a more personalised approach to pain management. #ListenToPain provides resources to improve conversations and experts’ advice that will help achieve better clinical outcomes.

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Igniting patient behaviour change that lasts

Using learnings from behavioural, psychological and social sciences, we’re creating real-world tools and solutions to help you drive behaviour change.

Learn more about how we’re supporting pain management in pharmacy.

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#Listentopain brings to you Global pain awareness week

Global pain awareness week programme of new, insightful, relevant and inclusive topics has been carefully curated to help HCPs offer patients an ever more personalised and effective approach to pain.

Through Listen to Pain, and Global pain awareness week Haleon continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting Experts, and to everyday health with humanity.

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Our overviews of common pain conditions explore the causes, signs, symptoms and impact of each condition, and summarise the latest evidence-based management recommendations.

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Find out how our tailored treatments can help your patients manage their everyday pain.

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Request Samples

Provide your patients with a product sample when you recommend a treatment for them to encourage them to form new habits and improve their health.

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Personalised Learning System

Access CPD and other educational materials that are specially tailored to your profession. Our interactive modules include topics including dentine hypersensitivity, erosive tooth wear and the use of the BEWE.

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