Alvedon Novum

Alvedon Novum pack shot

For fast relief1

Alvedon Novum quickly begins to relieve pain within 15-20 minutes. Alvedon Novum relieves pain fast1 and can even be taken on an empty stomach.2,3†, 17

Panadol advance
Graph that shows Alvedon Novum is absorbed faster compared with standard paracetamol tablets

T-max of Alvedon Novum within 25 min 17

Twenty-eight healthy volunteers were given Alvedon Novum in a crossover study. Blood samples were taken at regular intervals and analysed by high-performance liquid chromatography.

What can Alvedon Novum do for Joakim?

Image of a patient pain free from headache

Joakim wants fast headache relief

Joakim is a young executive working his way up the corporate ladder. With long workdays and tight deadlines, it’s not surprising he sometimes suffers from headaches. He’s seen his doctor about it and was glad to hear that these were nothing more serious than tension type headaches, though it impacts his life and work at times.

Joakim needs something that works fast to relieve his headaches when he gets them. He also wants something gentle for his stomach, as regular meal times aren’t part of his lifestyle.

Alvedon Novum offers Joakim the fast relief he needs and is gentle to the stomach.

Recommend Alvedon Novum for fast relief

Alvedon Novum pack shot

Alvedon Novum

Alvedon Novum quickly begins to relieve headache after 15-20 min.16 Does not compromise the stomach’s protective lining and can be taken even on an empty stomach or by those at risk of stomach ulcers.2,3†, 17

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