Smoking Addiction & treatment Webinar

Smoking Addiction Is Difficult to Overcome we will discuss the Two Sides of Quitting Smoking:

Physical addiction

Nicotine cause the release of chemicals, which cause the smoker to perceive pleasure and/or less anxiety and tension.

Psychological addiction

Patients associate smoking with certain people, places, activities, and moods. These triggers can derail quit attempts if patients are not prepared for them.

Event Date : 31 st May 2021

Start Time : 8:30 PM

End Time : 10:00 PM

Duration : 1:30

Presenter Name : Dr. Alex Bobak DRCOG MRCGP. GP and Stop Smoking Specialist. senior partner of a General Practice in South London, England

Chairmen Name : Dr.Badr Ghazi Ali BinHimd. Consultant familymedicine. Chairman of family medicine department at IMC Saudi Arabia.