Prosthodontic Care

Evidence-based approach to optimise outcomes of prosthodontic care

The primary objective of evidence-based practice is to improve the quality of healthcare delivery. It helps in making a clinical decision based upon updated and advanced research and the best available evidence.

Evidence-based dentistry is an integration of the best available evidence with clinical expertise and also patient’s preferences. The evidence-based dentistry (EBD) is an approach towards patient care that requires careful integration of systematic assessment of clinically relevant scientific evidence relating to the patient’s oral status, medical condition and history, together with the dental practitioner’s clinical expertise and patient’s preferences.

This presentation aims to provide an overview on how treatment plan is crafted after thoughtful integration of clinical cum investigation findings, patient’s preferences and also clinician’s competencies in the field of prosthodontics, including the execution stages to achieve the intended end results.

Participants will be able to engage with the Speaker and directly participate in the live discussion and Q&A session. This webinar is accredited with 1 CPD point from MDC in category A4.

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Event Date : 28-Feb-24

Start Time : 8.30pm

End Time : 10.00pm

Duration : 1.30hour

Presenter Name : Professor Seow Liang Lin

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