Personalised Periodontal Care

Personalised Periodontal Care – That’s the name of the game

In order to have a long-term successful restorative dental treatment, it is mandatory to have a healthy or stable periodontium. The Global Burden of Disease (2010) demonstrated a prevalence of 11.2% for severe periodontitis, it being the sixth most prevalent human disease. It is time to take periodontal disease seriously.

This webinar will discuss the steps taken to formulate a definitive periodontal diagnosis and treatment plan and also the 2017 World Workshop Classification on Periodontal and Peri-implant diseases.

A personalised periodontal regimen is important as every patient’s susceptibility and rate of progression of periodontal disease defers. How do we (as clinicians) educate our patients accordingly?

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*1 CPD point from MDC category A4 and MPS category A8 2022/0617.

Event Date : 12th November 2022

Start Time : 3pm

End Time : 4pm

Duration : 1 hour

Presenter Name : Dr Christina Cheok.

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