Mastering the Smile

Mastering the Smile: A Guide to Empowering Your Patients in Selecting Their Perfect Toothbrush and Elevate Home Oral Care

Join us for an engaging discussion tailored to dentists and dental hygienists on oral health care and explore the often overlooked but crucial decision-making process of choosing the right toothbrush. In this session, we'll equip you with the practical knowledge and strategies to elevate your patients' home oral care routines, effectively prevent dental caries and periodontal disease, and ultimately enhance their oral health-related quality of life.

This talk will focus on selecting the right toothbrush for your patients and including toothbrush types, bristle materials, handle designs, and simple yet effective toothbrushing techniques, and cite some of the latest technological advancements and evidence-based recommendations in oral care devices.

By the end of this talk, practitioners will comprehensively understand the factors that influence toothbrush selection and be well-prepared to assist their patients in achieving optimal oral hygiene. Together, we can work towards promoting better oral health for all.

Participants will be able to engage with the Speaker and directly participate in the live discussion and Q&A session. 1 CPD point from MDC category A4.

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Event Date : 15th Nov 2023

Start Time : 8.30pm

End Time : 10.00pm

Duration : 1 hour 30 mins

Presenter Name : Dr Shahida Mohd Said

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