Nasal Health in today's era

Nasal Health in today's era

The patterns of diseases that are affecting people today are different from those of the past. The nose is the primary entry point for many types of diseases, including respiratory infections, allergies, and even some chronic conditions. As such, maintaining healthy nasal passages is becoming increasingly important in preventing and managing a wide range of health issues. As our environment, lifestyles, and global health risks change, it is becoming more important for doctors to stay up-to-date with the latest research and best practices for identifying and treating nasal-related health issues.

During the webinar, attendees will learn about the latest research on nasal health and how it relates to overall health and wellness. Dr Vikas Agrawal, a leading ENT will also share his tips & tricks on demystifying Sinus & demonstrate the use of computer navigation in endoscopic sinus surgery.

Event Date : May 21, 2023

Start Time : 11:00 am IST

End Time : 12:30 pm IST

Duration: 1.5 hours

Presenter Name: Dr Vikas Agrawal

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