Comprehensive evidence based- Oral care talk on Gum Care Document by ISP

Comprehensive evidence based Oral care talk on Gum Care Document by ISP-GPCR @ Gum Care

Gum care is important as most of the oral disease conditions are largely rooted in the lack of daily oral hygiene. In modern era with higher life-expectancy it is very common to encounter individuals with teeth involved with periodontal disease or dentitions restored with dental implants in contemporary clinical practice. These patients not only require professional care but also personalized home gums-care regimen for them to maintain a well-functioning healthful dentition for lifetime. However, there is lack of structured oral health protocols to ensure essential quality health care for every individual as per their needs to achieve the highest attainable state of oral health. More importantly, the talk shall address the unanswered queries, introduce novel tools, technologies and maintenance protocols around natural teeth and dental implants which shall enhance longevity of the dentition and general health of the individual.

ISP-GCPR @ Gum Care, a novel initiative from the Indian Society of Periodontology, is a forward-looking document which aims at emphasizing, educating, and equipping every individual including oral health care professionals and the population at large, responsible, and competent for oral health promotion, maintenance, and disease prevention.

Event Date : May 28, 2023

Start Time : 05:00 pm IST

End Time : 06:30 pm IST

Duration: 1.5 hours

Presenter Name: Prof. Dr Ashish Jain

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