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Oral Health

Haleon HealthPartner is a world leader in providing specialist solutions in oral health. Learn about our products and support for dental professionals.

Biotène Mouthwash

Biotène Mouthwash for a dry mouth freshens breath and helps provide moisturising relief. Visit Haleon HealthPartner to find out how it can help your patients who experience a dry mouth.

Biotène Oralbalance Gel

Biotène Oralbalance Gel provides relief from a dry mouth. With a soothing moisturising system, discover how it can help patients at Haleon HealthPartner.

Polident Overview

The Polident range includes specially formulated products for patients’ denture needs. Learn about the brand to support your practice at Haleon HealthPartner.

Polident Science: Denture Fixative

A dual polymer system is key to the Polident adhesive to help secure, stabilise and maintain dentures for your patients. Learn the science behind the adhesive at Haleon HealthPartner.