Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel

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Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel − eases joint pain and inflammation. Apply every 12 hour, once In the morning and once in the evening.

Applied every 12 hours.

Provides relief from joint pain through an anti-inflammatory action.1

Contains diclofenac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with analgesic, anti-inflammatory and properties.2

Voltaren gel improves the mobility of the joints and reduces the time to normal function3

Voltaren gel reduces the time to normal function3

Voltaren gel reduces the time to normal function3 (measured as Karlsson scoring scale).

In a study1 of ankle sprain (VOPO-P-307), treatment with Voltaren 23.2 mg/g gel was shown to effectively relieve pain. Two days after starting treatment, patients treated with Voltaren Gel 23.2 mg/g experienced a 32 mm decrease in Pain of Movement (POM), whereas POM in the placebo group had only been reduced by 18 mm (p <0.0001). POM after four days, which was the primary endpoint, decreased by 49 mm on a 100 mm visual analog scale (VAS) in patients using Voltaren Gel 23.2 mg/g, compared to the 25.4 mm decrease observed in the placebo group. Voltaren Gel 23.2 mg/g showed statistically significantly better effect compared to placebo (p <0.0001).

Further evidence for the effect of Voltaren Gel 23.2 mg/g is shown by the median time to a 50% reduction in POM every 4 days after starting treatment in the Voltaren Gel 23.2 mg / g group, versus 8 days after starting treatment in the placebo group. (p <0.0001). Thus, treatment with Voltaren Gel 23.2 mg / g is considered to accelerate healing by 4 days

How to use Voltaren Gel 3

Apply Voltaren 23.2 mg/g gel every 12 hour, once In the morning and once in the evening

Voltaren 23.2 mg/g gel is applied to the painful or inflamed area twice daily and gently applied to the skin.After application, the hands should be wiped with an absorbent paper (eg paper towels) or wet wipes and then washed, except when the hands are treated. The absorbent paper or wipes should be disposed of in the trash after use.

Low systemic exposure

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Low systemic absorption

The concentration of diclofenac has been measured in plasma, synovial tissue and synovial fluid following cutaneous administration the hand and knee joints. The maximum plasma concentration is approximately 100-fold lower than with oral administration of the corresponding amount of diclofenac. Diclofenac is 99.7% bound to serum proteins, mainly albumin (99.4%).3

What can Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel do for Nora?


Nora needs to regain mobility by easing joint stiffness

Nora wakes up with joint pain and stiffness each morning and has difficulty climbing stairs but does not want this to control her life or her choices.Nora tries to stay active by gardening and going for walks, but this can sometimes be a struggle.She wants relief from her pain so that she can do the things she enjoys.Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel provides joint pain relief4 in a convenient, twice-daily application.

Recommend Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel to your patients for relief of joint pain and inflammation applied twice daily

Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel product image

Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel

For patients who are looking for relief from joint pain and inflammation, using a topical formulation.

Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel product details

Voltaren 23,2 mg/g gel – applied twice a day to relieve pain and inflammation

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