Corsodyl short-term treatment

Corsodyl 0.2% w/v Mouthwash pack shot

Kills, repels and lasts

Intensive treatment for persistent gum problems, clinically proven to be effective against bleeding gums, gum irritation and gum inflammation.1–3

Plaque biofilms determined by image analysis program

Not all chlorhexidine formulations are the same

In a 5-week randomised study, Corsodyl 0.2% w/v Mouthwash was more effective at inhibiting plaque growth when compared with another commercial 0.2% chlorhexidine solution with an anti-staining agent.5

After 4 days of treatment:5

  • 73% reduction in plaque with Corsodyl 0.2% vs. 37% with comparator*5
  • 78% reduction in biofilm vitality with Corsodyl 0.2% vs. 26% with comparator*5

Images show the vitality of the plaque biofilm after 4 days of treatment determined using an image analysis program to discriminate green (vital) bacteria, yellow (vital and dead) bacteria and red (dead) bacteria5*Mean values and statistical comparison between placebo and two chlorohexidine solutions in terms of plaque index, plaque area and biofilm vitality

Chlorhexidine action


Chlorhexidine digluconate kills the bacteria that cause plaque4,6

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  • Why avoiding anionic interactions when using Corsodyl can help

    Chlorhexidine is incompatible with anionic agents

    Often present in conventional toothpastes, anionic agents interact with chlorhexidine.7,8 Toothpastes with anionic agents should therefore be used before Corsodyl Short-Term Intensive Treatment (rinsing the mouth between applications) or at a different time of day.

  • Tips to avoid staining


    Simple recommendations to help avoid staining

    To minimise the risk of staining after using chlorhexidine mouthwashes, advise patients to avoid tannin-containing food and drinks.

Recommend Corsodyl short-term intensive treatment

Corsodyl mouthwash

Corsodyl 2mg/ml Mouthwash Original

For patients with gingivitis who need short-term intensive treatment.

Alcohol Free.

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