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Haleon - HealthPartner

Haleon – HealthPartner provides specialist solutions.

Oral Health Conditions

Haleon HealthPartner provides an overview of the causes and mechanisms of common oral health conditions, alongside clinical guidelines for their diagnosis and management.

NovaMin Technology Science

Toothpaste formulations with NovaMin offer patients lasting dentine hypersensitivity protection. Discover the science behind Sensodyne with Haleon HealthPartner.

Synchrotron Science

Welcome to synchrotron science, where remarkable imaging technology is shining a powerful light on dentin hypersensitivity – and providing deeper insight into how sensitivity products work, Learn more with Haleon HealthPartner

Sensodyne Science Landing page

Each product in the Sensodyne range is specially formulated. For expert use, learn more about the advanced technologies in our formulations and products.