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Learn about Haleon's world-leading healthcare solutions and science-based products supporting healthcare professionals' daily practice at Haleon HealthPartner.

Parodontax Overview

Parodontax helps stop and prevent bleeding gums and Gingivitis. Helps your patients achieve healthy gums, with Haleon HealthPartner.

Parodontax Science: Sodium Bicarbonate

Parodontax sodium bicarbonate toothpaste enhances plaque removal achieved by brushing. Learn about Parodontax science, with Haleon HealthPartner.

Parodontax Science

Discover the science behind Parodontax & help your patients fight gum disease. Learn more about Parodontax products and mechanism of action from Haleon HealthPartner.

Parodontax Toothpaste

Parodontax toothpaste helps prevent gum disease. Learn how Parodontax can support your patients' oral health with Haleon HealthPartner.