NEW COSMOS-Mind study

COSMOS mind study

What does this study mean for you and your patients?

Exciting new results from the randomised control trial, COSMOS-Mind, show that an intervention as simple as taking Centrum Silver daily could improve cognition in older adults.1

Changes in cognitive ability is one of people's greatest fears about growing older.2 Our lived experiences, memories and ability to learn makes us who we are and allows us to engage with the world around us. Good cognitive health is key to ageing well.

Learn more about COSMOS-Mind and how to support healthy cognitive ageing in the resources below.

COSMOS-Mind Publication Summary

COSMOS-MIND publication summary

Explore the clinical data with a new visual publication summary.

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COSMOS-Mind Conversation Guide

COSMOS-Mind Conversation Guide

Review the new conversation guide for tips on how to support your patients’ cognitive aging.

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