Xerostomia: The Effect of Dry Mouth on Patients

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Xerostomia and quality of life for patients 


The impact of xerostomia/dry mouth on patients

Xerostomia and its effect on patients’ quality of life

Dry mouth symptoms


  • Dry and sticky oral mucosa2–3
  • Dental caries2–4
  • Secondary infection: candidiasis2–4
  • Erythema, thinning or cracking of the oral cavity2–3


  • Decreased quality of life3,5,6
  • Embarrassment7
  • Withdrawal from social situations7

Depending on the cause, xerostomia may be permanent or temporary, and symptoms may be physiological or psychological, ranging from mild to severe.2

79% of surveyed dry mouth patients* said they would be motivated to treat their symptoms if they understood the potential oral health consequences8

*n=910 patients

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Dry mouth can have a negative social and emotional impact on your patients’ quality of life3,5,6,9

Dry mouth can also be a significant health problem, as it may impact nutrition and social well-being, as well as contribute to physical problems.2,6 Almost half of xerostomia patients reported being impacted frequently by physical pain, psychological discomfort and disability.10

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