Hear How Tooth Loss and Dentures Can Impact Patients’ Quality of Life

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Patients with new dentures can face a difficult transition2–6

Patients may have unrealistic expectations for their new dentures,2 and the transition from natural teeth can be traumatic.3

The personal impact of dentures

  • Impact on relationships

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    As many as 67% of patients with new dentures have denture stomatitis5

  • Trapped food

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    Entrapped food particles can cause pain and irritation.6

    86% of patients with dentures experience food trapped under their denture.7

The transition to wearing a denture can be traumatic for patients3

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    Tooth extraction can be a challenge for patients and may result in accelerated bone resorption.3

    32% experienced reduction in bone horizontal dimension ≤3 months after extraction.8 This may lead to a change in the fit of dentures.

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    Immediate dentures play an important role:

    • Aesthetic, psychological and functional reasons – avoiding a period of edentulism and social embarassment9
    • Act as a bandage and protect extraction wounds3
    • Prevent bleeding3

    However, there is a period of adjustment for patients following tooth loss and the procedure can be time consuming.9

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    Excessive functional forces from wearing a partial denture may cause further mobility of remaining teeth and lead to aggravation of any existing periodontal disease.10,11

    In a clinical survey of removable partial dentures over a 16 year period, up to 30% of natural teeth abutting dentures demonstrated increased mobility.*12

    In addition, the presence of a denture influences the quality and quantity of plaque in a patient’s mouth.11 Increased plaque accumulation has been observed around the teeth in both the jaw in which the denture is placed and the opposing jaw.11 This highlights the need for enhanced oral hygiene as increased plaque accumulation may lead to inflammation and periodontal disease, increased root caries and even denture stomatitis.11

    *In a longitudinal study

Patients brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste should remove the partial denture first.

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