Treat Dry Mouth Symptoms with Biotène Products

Biotène range

Dry mouth remedies to help provide soothing and moisturising relief for dry mouth1

Biotène contains a high concentration of moisturisers and lubricants that provide oral moisturisation and lubrication to help alleviate dry mouth symptoms.*1

*Patients using Biotène Oralbalance Saliva Replacement Gel and Biotène Moisturising Mouthwash reported statistically significant improvement in relief from dry mouth symptoms compared with those using water1

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Use Biotène dry mouth products to help treat dry mouth in your patients

≥1 in 4 are sufferers

Up to 1 in 4 adults suffer from dry mouth2

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Dry mouth can:

Cause discomfortCracked lips, mouth sores, reduced oral clearance3,4

Impact the oral cavityPatients may have up to 3 times greater risk of oral cavities5

Affect quality of lifeDiscomfort and bad breath impact everyday activities6

Dry mouth relief

Biotène products are trusted treatments for dry mouth symptoms and provide immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth symptoms improve patients’ oral health.1

*As measured in a 28-day clinical study, 2–5 times a day (mouth rinse) and as required (gel)1


Treat dry mouth symptoms in patients with Biotène products

Biotène action on dry mouth

Biotène products contain a moisturising system that is clinically proven to be better than water at managing and treating dry mouth and providing dry mouth relief1

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Discover Biotène products to manage and treat dry mouth in patients

Biotène gel

Biotène Oralbalance Gel

Oral moisturiser for dry mouth relief.1,7

Biotène mouthwash

Biotène Mouthwash

Dry mouth mouthwash for immediate soothing and moisturising relief.1,7

Biotène Toothpaste

Biotène Toothpaste

Fluoride toothpaste formulated to not irritate a dry mouth.8,9

Biotène – helps treat dry mouth and provides relief and comfort for patients

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