Sprout and paste

It’s a matter of taste

One of the distinctive things about Corsodyl toothpaste is the unique flavour profile that comes with the high level of sodium bicarbonate. A bit like a well known savoury spread this flavour can be polarising – for some patients nothing can replace it!

So we thought we would do a quick survey to see how the flavour compared to other unique dietary tastes (and as the festive season kicks off we thought we would start with the humble sprout).

And the results showed that Corsodyl toothpaste tastes better than sprouts, olives and blue cheese (which scored a whopping 60% of the votes for worst flavour)!1

And 83% of people voted that they would rather find Corsodyl toothpaste in their stocking than brussel sprouts.

It is now up to you to take the test and vote this Christmas which you think tastes better Corsodyl Toothpaste or Sprouts?

Order samples of Corsodyl Toothpaste and vote on socials using either #TeamCorsodyl or #TeamSprout

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Myth busters

Things you may not realise about Corsodyl toothpaste

1. Corsodyl toothpaste does not contain chlorhexidine

The ingredient which is used in Corsodyl toothpaste for effective daily plaque control is sodium bicarbonate. Corsodyl toothpaste is proven to provide 4x greater plaque removal*2 than a regular toothpaste, to help maintain gum health between dental visits. The product does not contain chlorhexidine, unlike the treatment mouthwash.

2. Corsodyl toothpaste can be used as an everyday toothpaste

Corsodyl toothpaste has been developed for everyday use and contains the recommended amount of fluoride protection for adults (1400 ppm fluoride). Whilst the product has been formulated for excellent plaque removal so that it can help people with bleeding gums3,4 it is in fact suitable for all patients to help maintain healthy gums and strong teeth. 

3. Patients like the taste of Corsodyl toothpaste

Research shows that after 30 days, patients like Corsodyl toothpaste as much as their regular toothpaste.5 There was also a significant improvement in taste perception each week for the first 3 weeks of use. In fact they stated that it gives a significantly better ‘clean feeling’ compared with regular toothpaste. Nine out of ten patients would continue using Corsodyl toothpaste following a dental professional recommendation.

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Corsodyle complete protection

Corsodyl toothpaste with sodium bicarbonate for daily use

Corsodyl toothpaste offers daily protection to help maintain healthy gums and strong teeth with twice daily brushing:

  • 4x greater plaque removal†1
  • Sodium bicarbonate penetrates the plaque layer disrupting the polysaccharide matrix & loosening the structural integrity of the biofilm2

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Online CPD learning 

Learn about the new classification for periodontal disease and the BPE in these learning modules and earn CPD.

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The science of sodium bicarbonate

Find out more about the mode of action of sodium bicarbonate, the main ingredient in Corsodyl toothpaste.

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The Corsodyl range

Help your patients on their journey to healthy gums with Corsodyl.

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Teeth check


Explore an overview of periodontal disease management.

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Gum health

Find out more about the risk factors and signs of gum disease as well as appropriate management

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